What to expect when cars enter Fortnite

Finally, the long wait is over. Cars are coming to Fortnite on August 5. Epic announced their release during a series of tweets on August 3 and 4, hyping up the community for what could be the foremost anticipated release of Fortnite Chapter 2.

Since the community has been expecting cars for therefore long, data miners are giving players what they need within the way of leaks on how these cars will perform. as an example , we all know that there’ll be four differing types of cars within the game. Epic are releasing the names of those cars as promotion for his or her release, but FortTory gave us the stats back in June.

– ValetSmall MinFuelAtSpawn: 40.0

– Max: 100 – ValetMedium MinFuelAtSpawn: 40.0

– Max: 100 – ValetLarge MinFuelAtSpawn: 50.0

– Max: 150 – DagwoodTruck MinFuelAtSpawn: 80.0 – Max 100

As many players already know, you’ll got to refuel the cars while you drive around. you’ll already see the gasoline station icons scattered round the map while employing a boat or Choppa – the previous is disabled at the time of writing, although it had been visible for weeks.

We also know a touch about the mechanics of cars. You will, reportedly, be ready to gain metal by using the tire skid mechanic to run into things. the utmost speed will likely depend upon the car, but will, reportedly, top-out at 45 mph.

Predictably, cars will damage players once they explode. The numbers within the game files were 200 damage to a player – enough to one-shot. this might be changed when the cars begin , however.

–Max speed will be around 28-45 (could change based on car type).

–Vehicles will have around 500 health.

–You can eject from a vehicle after being hit for 50 damage.

–Hitting a player will impulse them.

–You can refuel using the Gas Pumps and/or the Petrol Jerrycans.

According to a number of the extra leaks, the amount of cars that spawn round the map will vary from game to game. there’ll be a minimum of one on the map in the least times and a maximum of 10.

Again, this might change and should are a placeholder, as this particular piece of data comes from a few of months ago when cars were first found within the game files.

Of course, all of this is often subject to vary . We’ll know everything needless to say when the new patch releases tomorrow, August 5. We’ll have you ever covered with everything you would like to understand about cars once they make their way into Fortnite, so stay tuned!

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